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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons Tailored for You

          The most effective lessons are tailored to your individual goals, musical interests, learning style, time commitment, and personality.

          For your continued progress and enjoyment, lessons must be highly effective, but also engaging, fulfilling, and fun. 


           Whether you are

  • a student

  • an adult

  • a beginner who wants to get started

  • an intermediate to advanced pianist who wants to reach your full potential

  •  preparing for a competition, a performance, assessment juries (NYSSMA, ABRSM)

  • busy with school or work


           You don't need to practice more, but to practice smarter and more efficiently.

            That is only possible with personalized precise information.


Max Midroit with students and friends at the DiMenna Center recital, NYC.

            Though my specialty is with intermediate to advanced pianists, I have taught every level and every age, from 5 years old to university students and adults. My extensive training and experience have led me to develop the knowledge and skills to effectively help you achieve your goals.


            Because we work as a team towards your success, it is important for you to be with the right teacher who can assess and understand your goals, interests, and learning style.  As professor of piano and coordinator of the non-major piano program at NYU, I had to quickly evaluate each student's level, needs, personality, and objectives so I could match them up with the most suitable teacher. This experience will allow us to start making progress faster and more efficiently.

            I will give you the tools and technique to enjoy problem solving, practice smarter, become more self sufficient, and empower you as a pianist and musician.  

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