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What to Expect

Beginners Will Learn:

·      How to read music 

·      Rhythm

·      The basics of piano technique to build a solid foundation to play music you enjoy

·      Musical structure & style

Piano Note

Intermediate and Advanced Lessons Include:


·      Repertoire designed to extend and refine your technique

·      Fine tuning scales, chords, arpeggios, and études for students preparing exams.



·      Improvement of  reading and aural skills to become more musically self sufficient.

·      Use of  repertoire goals to further develop musicianship skills.

·      Development of a solid foundation for independent creative musical explorations.


Musical Literacy

·      Presentation of theoretical and historical knowledge when appropriate.

·      Hands-on experience of keyboard harmony and musicianship for those interested in developing           skills in improvisation and composition. 

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